Coaching Resources

One of the roles we have as pastoral leaders is in the area of coaching other ministry leaders and staff. Below are a variety of resources to use in these coaching relationships. These resources are categorized into four development areas that we use in the development process within the BIC church. Those four areas include Leadership Development, Ministry Skills, Spiritual Formation, and Personal Development.

Leadership Development

Most pastors are not well-prepared for the leadership challenge they will face in pastoring a church. The lack of organizational skills in leadership and management are important and often the reason for local church conflict and difficulty.

Ministry Skills

The skills of preaching and pastoring in modern society require continuing growth and development. The media that people consume continues to evolve at their skill of story-telling and so we, as professional communicators, need to keep developing our craft too.

Spiritual Formation

It is most important that we maintain our spiritual passion in following Jesus. Nothing else can substitute for our own spiritual journey if we hope to take others on a spiritual journey of their own.

Personal Development

It is a great gift to others when we are aware of ourselves. It inspires confidence in others when we lead from a place of confidence in who we are from the gifts and strengths that God has invested in us.