Church Treasurer


In 2021 BIC Canada transitioned to a new accounting firm (The Taligent Group) to handle our financial services. As a part of this transition we developed a new protocol for sending and receiving financial documents, reports, and forms. In the past financial documents had often been sent by email. In the financial industry it is recognized that email is not a safe and secure method to distribute sensitive and personal information exposing both sender and recipient to risks. Both The Taligent Group and BIC Canada are committed to raise the bar on security and also establish a modern, efficient workflow. Therefore, email is no longer the mechanism to send financial documents to us, or receive them from us.

We now use Google Drive folders for the exchange of financial documents. Examples of financial documents include monthly payroll reports, monthly benefits premium invoices, annual pension invoices, completed TD1 forms, and more.

We have created a Google Drive folder for each church in BIC Canada. Each of these Google Drive folders can only be accessed by the church treasurer, The Taligent Group, and specific BIC denominational staff.

In order for you to access the Google Drive financial folder for your church, you will need a Google account. It can be your personal Google account or a generic one like (eg.

Send the email address of the Google account to We will then give that account access to the Google Drive financial folder for your church.

Once we have shared the financial folder with you, you can access it as follows:

  • Go to
  • Sign into your Google account
  • After logging in, click on “Shared With Me”
  • Double click on the folder we shared with you. It will be your church name.
  • Once in the folder you can view and download any documents that we have provided to you. You can also upload any documents you need to send to us.