New Pastors Orientation

Oct 1-4, 2023

We are so happy that you have chosen to join with us in the BIC family. To welcome you into your new denomination we, the BIC leadership and staff, provide you with an orientation retreat. At the ‘O Retreat’ we share with you important information about the history, theology, culture and polity of the BIC church. We believe that this retreat will provide you with a fuller understanding of the BIC’s long and storied tradition. Understanding our vision and values will be important to your success as a pastor in the BIC church.

What To Expect

Expect to meet some great people including fellow pastors and BIC denominational staff. Also, come expecting to participate in a retreat like environment with lots of learning and renewal opportunities. Some sessions will have music and worship and prayer while other sessions will focus on practical areas that are important for you to understand to be successful in your new role.

What To Bring

Bring whatever tools best help you learn. There will be presentations with many speakers using slide decks to communicate their material. Tables will be setup to allow you to use laptops and tablets during the sessions. Also, feel free to bring a notebook, Bible and pen as you might find many of the sessions are worth taking notes for future reference.

Event Location

Our plan is to host the retreat at Camp Kahquah. There is nothing quite as beautiful as looking over Ahmic Lake, drinking your coffee and learning about all things BIC.

I hope that you will find this event helpful and instructive as you begin your journey with the Be In Christ Church of Canada. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything to help you make this retreat a more meaningful experience. See you soon!
Todd Lester
Event Director


Camp Kahquah

We’re working hard to get ready for you!