Elevate Development Collective

We place a high value on the development of next generation leaders. We commit a significant amount of our resources – time, finances, and energy – in this area. As we look to the future of the church with its many unknowns and great possibilities, we recognize the central role that leaders will play. We need Jesus-centred leaders who demonstrate a deep faith in God and are equipped with the practical skills to lead through a time of change and innovation.

Our goal is to inspire and equip emerging ministry leaders for both the challenges and the opportunities ahead.

Elevate Development Collective is a comprehensive and coordinated approach to empower next generation leaders. It is a collection of leadership development programs which function in an intentional and coordinated way.

Each Elevate program is built on two key ingredients. These ingredients are the DNA of Elevate.

  • practical, hands-on leadership experience
  • participation in relational learning cohorts

While each Elevate cohort program is tailored to a specific demographic, they all provide practical leadership experience and cohort-based learning. The learning content in every cohort program focuses on leadership development, ministry skills, spiritual formation, and personal development.

Emerging Pastors

The Emerging Pastors cohort is comprised of ministry leaders who are typically in the earlier stages of their leadership journey in ministry. These are leaders who have already started down the ministry path in some form. They are often already on staff in their churches. This cohort meets one day each month from October to May.

FLOW Internship Program

FLOW is our summer internship program for young adults aged 18-25. Interns are hired for meaningful ministry roles in our local churches from May to August, and then come together for three development retreats during that time. You can learn more at flowinternship.com.


Thrive is a new initiative that will launch in Fall 2022. This is for young adults who want to lean in and serve in their local church in a regular, intentional way from September to April. Similar to FLOW, these young adults will come together for development retreats during the course of those eight months.

Kahquah Staff Training

We collaborate with Camp Kahquah to provide development workshops as a part of their staff training experiences. Kahquah directors Ryan and Amy Terpstra are highly committed to the leadership development and spiritual formation of their Kahquah staff, and they value this coordinated approach with other development initiatives within BIC Canada.

"I can’t thank you guys enough for this course; you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this material. I found it really helped me lead through the end of the pandemic and get our congregation moving forward."

To learn more about how you can be involved, reach out to Melanie Wigg.

Melanie Wigg

Melanie Wigg

Director of Next Generation Engagement