Guest Speakers

There are a number of guest speakers available to you including BIC staff and the ‘Sunday Off’ team. Below is a list of people, all from BIC churches, you can contact who are ready and willing to come and speak at your church.


The Be In Christ team is available to come and visit your church and provide an entire service, a ‘Sunday off’ for you and your worship team. If you invite us to visit your congregation, we will provide a worship set presentations from staff about important BIC programs and a sermon.

Now that churches are moving to offer in-person services again, the Sunday Off Team would love to visit your church. Send me an email, Todd Lester, if you are interested in the Sunday Off team visiting your church.


Charlie Mashinter is the Executive Director for BIC and the Team Leader for the Community church expression. He would be glad to visit your church and share about the overall work of the BIC church. You can reach Charlie at

Matt Vincent is the director of church planting and new initiatives for the Be In Christ Church of Canada. He would be glad to visit your church and share about the new forms of church he is dreaming about and the impact that BIC is making through the Reunion cohort of churches. You can reach Matt at

Todd Lester oversees the global program and would be glad to visit your church to share about the work of the international BIC partnerships as well as our fellow BIC churches around the world. You can reach Todd at

Melanie Wigg oversees next generation ministries and would be excited to come and share with your church about the work of Elevate Development Collective (a collection of programs focusing on the development of emerging leaders).  You can reach Melanie at


Trevor Main is an experienced pastor and former missionary in the Latin America region. He is fluent in Spanish and is available to share about the variety of BIC churches working in Latin America. You can reach Trevor at


Dave works for Mennonite Central Committee, you can reach him at


Keith works for Christian Horizons, you can reach him at


Peter has been a church planter with Reunion Kingston and currently works full time for an organization called Bethany Kids. You can reach him at